Backus Electric is an electrical contractor who does electrical work that is far beyond what other contractors are capable of doing.

Every electrician/contractor in the State of Wisconsin has been trained to do what we at Backus consider to be “normal electrical work”. This includes installing power panels and their feeders, installing light fixtures, switches, receptacles etc.

They generally do construction work either in new building/facilities or remodeling projects that include updating buildings, and their wiring needs. They are also taught to wire motors, and other devices specified by either the owner of the facility or the engineer in charge.

They are also taught but seldom use skills such as how to read schematics (electrical diagrams), energy usage calculations and other more technical items.

All electricians are taught and should be using the electrical code. Both the nationally recognized and used NEC, and also the electrical codes required by the State of Wisconsin.

All electricians at the end of their apprenticeships should be very good conduit installers and very good wire installers. They should also be very good at installing light fixtures, electric heating devices and other items such as fire systems, communication systems etc.

In addition to the above which all electricians can do, Backus does the following work in keeping up with the needs of our customers.

This is where Backus Electric separates themselves from the “normal electrical contractors”.