Backus Electric is a contractor whom you can trust. We strive on excellent customer service, and offering a cost-effective solution for whatever the job might be, big or small. While we cater to our customer’s needs and aspirations, we also inform them on cost effective solutions. What we quote is what your charged. All too often we hear of other contractors quoting really low and adding change orders after the fact. Start at Backus Electric and get a true price, no hassle-headache free experience, for a well thought out complete project. 


All electrical contractors should be able to perform basic electrical services, however we at Backus Electric strive to separate ourselves from the pack. We have well over 100 years combined experience and we have been servicing the state of Wisconsin since 1982. Both as Backus Electric Inc. and now for the last 9 years, as Backus Electric & Automation. In this time,we have maintained and installed nearly everything imaginable, while continually upholding the NEC with the highest integrity and quality initiatives. We do everything, electrical design and build out, services, remodels, new construction, data, security systems, and cell tower systems. From the ground up no matter how big or small for Industrial, commercial, or residential, we can get you the solution you deserve.  


Backus Electric has stellar public standing and only employs electricians with decent public records. There is a difference! Backus Electric employs professionals, with exceptional customer service! Experience the solution by using Backus Electric- a well trusted, well known, honest contractor!