The Backus Electric personnel are highly-trained individuals in the following areas:

Industrial Automation:

  • Backus Electric employs many hard-working people. We train our staff to have the best knowledge in knowing how to read and write schematic programs to design systems that meet customers needs.
  • Backus Electric training for our staff also includes programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), making it an easy transition for our staff to make changes to existing PLC programs. This allows for the manufacturing processes to work better.
  • Our staff has the ability to write PLC programs. We can update older, working machinery, as well as specify and install the required equipment for the machinery.
  • Backus Electric staff has the ability to save your existing programs in several different formats. This allows us to reload the program for you if you are unfortunate enough to lose a program, due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • We have specialists on our staff that are able to do the set up and use the variable frequency drives (VFD’s), as well as soft-starts for motor loads that may require manipulation to allow the machines to work efficiently without causing utility problems.

Preventative Maintenance Programs:

Backus Electric has a Preventative Maintenance Program for their industrial customers. This includes set-up and maintenance.

  • As part of this program, Backus Electric has a Level 1 themographer on staff trained in the usages of a Flir thermal imaging camera and a vibration detector.

Here is an example of how this program can work:

  • If an industry has critical equipment that would or could cause serious consequences in the event of a breakdown, our trained staff will conduct a maintenance scan on the critical equipment as often as requested per the customer needs.

This scheduled maintenance scan can do the following:

  • It looks for areas of heat build-up or vibration noise. If we find any issues, our staff can then record the temperatures and severity of the vibration in a spreadsheet format. This spreadsheet will be supplied to you, the customer. We are able to set up a data base on the individual pieces of equipment as needed. The customer can use this data base to monitor the condition of their critical equipment. By providing this information to a customer, the customer has the ability to schedule an outage for the repair of the equipment when it is convenient for their work schedule, rather than have to scramble when the equipment breaks down unexpectedly.
  • By doing regular scheduled maintenance scans only on the critical equipment that would cause serious problems in the event of a breakdown, Backus Electric is able to keep costs down for the customer of the scheduled scans to a minimum

Arc Flash Analysis:

Arc Flash is required by the OSHA but their requirements have not been severely enforced.

  • Many businesses would like to comply with OSHA’s requirements, but do not know where to find someone to do the work for them. Backus Electric can do an entire Arc Flash Analysis.
  • Backus Electric does not employ outside engineering firms because we know it can lead to extra expenses for our customers. We have purchased our own “Arc Flash” program and have several employees that are highly-trained in the use of this program.

Here is an example of how this program can work:

After our trained staff does an initial walk-thru of your facility, we will do an evaluation of your needs. Then, we can give an estimated rate to conduct a complete Arc Flash Analysis at your facility.

Once terms have been agreed upon, Backus Electric will have our trained staff do a complete evaluation of all the electrical equipment. This evaluation includes finding out the following: wire size and type, conduit type, wire lengths, type and impedance of the utility transformer, and type and make-up of your distribution switchgear. We will handle the data entry needed and the research required to provide a complete analysis.

We like to show results customers can appreciate: A one line drawing of your electrical wiring. In almost every plant in the nation, most business owners are not aware of their electrical system feeds or where their electrical panels are fed from.

When we have completed the one line drawing, we’ll do a coordination study to make sure circuit breaker settings are properly adjusted, or the proper fuses are in place to eliminate nuisance tripping or inappropriate tripping. In other words, our highly trained staff will make sure in the event of a system fault, that you’re protected. We’ll check to make sure the first protective device in line trips rather than the main circuit breaker, which could shut down your entire facility.

After we produce the required Arc Flash drawing, we’ll also provide recommendations for changes to eliminate, or reduce, hazardous working conditions for employees making your facility a safer place to work.

Panel Building:

Backus Electric has employees experienced in building control panels for machinery. This entails being able to read and understand schematic drawings drawn by design engineers. Those designers can also install and wire the different components together in the proper order. Please refer to some of the accompanying photos of control panels built by Backus Electric.

We have developed and use Energy Cost Analysis spreadsheets for lighting, and for motor/equipment loads. We can assist you in determining the most efficient and effective means of operation thru the use of system control sequencing, variable frequency drives, and soft starts.

Our trained staff can also assist in determining the most cost effective and efficient lighting for your facility, regardless of which manufacturer the light fixtures are manufactured by.

Wireless communications:

Backus Electric installs and maintains wireless communication tower sites. Our Technicians and management are highly skilled in installation of electrical, grounding grids, and design build out of all wireless communication towers. Our management and technicians have worked with multiple different utilities across Wisconsin, which makes integrations of a new site build, seamless.

Backus Electric can maintain or upgrade an existing service. We also are available to hookup temporary services to engergize your portable tower sites.

  • Backus Electric offers turnkey Wireless communication electrical services
  • Full wireless communication electrical build out and design
  • Wireless communication grounding grids
  • Generator backup installation
  • Generator annual maintenance
  • Temporary services for portable wireless towers

Panel Construction